About our company

Christof Küchle
Christof Küchle
For all the family

“Our family has made it our business to develop smart high-quality products for over 150 years. In the fourth generation too we guarantee great baking experiences and snacking fun for all the family.”

Christof Küchle


Quality by tradition

W. u. H. Küchle GmbH & Co. KG stands for high quality wafer products and creative ideas in the world of baking. Top priority and typical for the family-run business is the consistent quality of its products and processes.

As one of the first of its kind the company has been certified in accordance with the „International Featured Standard Food (IFS)“. A high standard which Küchle will in future communicate to the final customer in its newly developed company motto. Personal and transparent.

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Organic, sustainable, fair

Responsibility towards nature goes hand in hand with rising quality. As a food and luxury food producer Küchle considers it its duty to treat man and the environment with respect.

It is our ongoing mission to reduce the energy use of all processes. Based on this motivation Küchle has succeeded not only in optimising its power generation by using photovoltaics for the benefit of nature but also in considerably reducing its water consumption by means of circulatory systems.


Fairness in the area of personnel management is another important aspect of the company philosophy.

Equal rights and the compliance with statutory social standards including wage-bargaining agreements are a matter of course.

And always in the main focus: The people with their individual skills and abilities. Because we can only awaken the inner chef in and transport the fun of baking to our customers if our staff go about their daily work with enjoyment and pleasure.

Farm animal welfare and housing

We waive all genetic engineering processes in our company – for the sake of families and children.

Animal protection has always stood at the heart of the development of our products. As far as possible we use only raw materials of plant origin. If in individual cases this cannot be realized for food technology reasons, we try to use organically grown animal products, if applicable.