Minimum order

The minimum order amount is 15.00 euros incl. VAT.

Shipping charges within Germany

We charge a flat rate of 5.00 euros incl. VAT for postage and packaging per order. This also applies to repeat orders. The shipping of orders exceeding 25.00 euros incl. VAT within Germany is free of charge.

Shipping charges abroad

We charge the full relevantly applicable postage according to weight for shipments to other European counties and overseas.


You shall bear the regular costs for the return if the supplied articles comply with your order and if the price of the returned articles does not exceed 40.00 euros or in the event that the order exceeds 40.00 euros if you have not yet paid the articles in full or in instalments – as agreed – at the time of your rescission. Apart from that returns shall be free of charge.

In case of rescission you will bear any direct costs incurring for the return of the articles.